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March 31, 2008


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Hi Sharon..

thanks for providing the download. Very impressive findings.
I noticed Asian growth contributed by "double-bits character" countries like Japan, China, South Korea etc. Local expertise matters.

More on Asia-Pacific region, they better zoom-in the region into smaller potential cultural-language differences: East Asia (double-bits ch), India, South Asia and Southeast Asia, and Pacific region. This regions (i believe) properly built based on cultural adoption to the internet penetration which would be guidance to whom will broaden its market. Sadly they don't include Indonesia (25 mills online population)in their finding.
See benjamin joffe on double-bits countries: http://www.plus8star.com/

The web as platform will override traditional IT business everywhere. Web interfaces and mashup will be available not only in pc and phones but also in other popular devices. Business will enjoy more shared online services instead of procures proprietary products or develop them in house. This will generate significant traffic.

I'm not shy, am I? Cheers.

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